Sustanon 250 Injection Protocol, vs All Others

Sustanon 250 Injection Protocol, vs All Others

Sustanon’s popularity among athletes and bodybuilders is not what it once was, but this product still experiences extensive use, especially among first time users and beginners. The reason for its initial rise in popularity was due to the perception that with Sustanon, one was obtaining more steroid for the money spent in comparison to other products. However, in the long term this perception proved to be false, as Sustanon 250 was intentionally developed for medical and clinical applications, not athletics.

We have seen a moderate dose of Sustanon 250 (350 mg/week) often preserve lean tissue during a cut, especially when stacked with other compounds that aid fat loss and muscle hardening (such as Anavar or Trenbolone). Testosterone is a versatile hormone suitable for both bulking and cutting cycles due to its simultaneous anabolic and fat-burning effects. Being the primary, naturally occurring male hormone, testosterone is the number one compound in the world of anabolic-androgenic steroids. At cycle’s end, bodybuilders often choose to use a combination of Clomid, Tamoxifen, and HCG for a period of 3-4wks in order to restore pituitary gland and testes operation quickly and effectively. I don’t claim to know everything; what I talk about here is something I’ve done.

  • Some will use 1000mg, and at the extreme end it’s not unheard of for 2000mg per week to be taken but this is rarely recommended or necessary.
  • It’s also wise to include regular cardiovascular exercise in your workouts.
  • If you suffer from low testosterone and supplement with Sustanon 250 you will suffer no more; problem solved.
  • The first indication that Sustanon’s half-life characteristics should give is the fact that Sustanon cycles need to be run for much longer periods as a result, typically 10 – 14 weeks.

This makes high testosterone levels very beneficial to athletes as recovery and endurance are key components to athletic performance. As a bonus, Sustanon 250 will increase the individual’s strength, again a key component to athletic success. During an off-season bulking cycle this is one of the best times to use Sustanon 250. High testosterone levels create the perfect atmosphere for muscle growth.

Sustanon Side Effects

Despite exercise and diet, muscle mass and strength are lost and body fat increases. Additionally, those who suffer low testosterone levels find they have low energy, become depressed, suffer insomnia and their immune system weakens. They also suffer from low spirits which opens the door to many other more serious consequences. For a pure bulk steroid cutting cycle, Sustanon 250 and Anavar is an excellent stack. You can still gain some lean mass on this cycle while burning a lot of fat and with no water retention caused by Anavar, a lean and ripped physique is possible on the right diet. But you’ll want to have a low body fat composition already to get the most from this stack.

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With large and small esters attached, massively large in the case of the Decanoate ester, by design TRT patients can actually get by with one single injection every 2-4 weeks; at least this was the intent. Of course, this presents one slight problem if you go into the two week mark, and that is levels will fluctuate, and that’s not a good thing, but for the TRT patient, it’s not the end of the world. As for the performance enhancer, this is where things begin to change, as the compound must be injected quite frequently. Sustanon 250 is one of the most expensive testosterone compounds on the market. However, it is in high supply and is one of the easiest anabolic steroids to buy.

At one end of the spectrum is pure testosterone with no esters attached, such as testosterone suspension. This causes a fairly rapid spike in serum testosterone, which remains elevated for only a short period of time. As with any testosterone product, we have found Sustanon 250 to be an excellent steroid for increasing muscle mass, strength, and power (1). Therefore, in terms of muscle gains, it does not matter what form of testosterone you use, as it is the same compound and thus will produce an identical end result. Some very potent anabolic steroids are available to purchase at Dragon Pharma.

Often ignored but very valuable, Sustanon can also increase insulin IGF-1 production. It plays an important role in recovery and will impact on almost all cells in the human body. If you come across a product claiming to be Sustanon and the composition is not exactly what is shown above – if it includes other esters or if the esters are at different doses – then it’s not Sustanon 250. On a standard Sustanon 250 it’s possible to gain around 20lbs of weight, with some of this being water retention that will be lost post cycle.

At a minimum, PCT will start no less than two weeks after your last Sustanon injection. This essentially makes Sustanon 250 (testosterone) the perfect steroid for bodybuilders whether you are a beginner or have significant experience under your belt. The effects and benefits of Sustanon 250 are going to be identical to those which you get from all other testosterone steroids.

But if you purchase Mexican made pharmaceutical grade Sustanon 250 which has been smuggled or otherwise imported into the US, you can expect to pay a premium price thanks to the middle man taking his cut. Just how much heavier you’ll be able to lift depends wholly on your current lifting ability, but a 20% increase is more than reasonable (many users will see much more than this). A cholesterol friendly diet is a must when using Sustanon 250 – this means plenty of omega-3 rich foods, while keeping fried foods and processed foods to a minimum. It’s also wise to include regular cardiovascular exercise in your workouts. Some will go as far as to inject Sustanon 250 every second day, but this will depend on your dosage and comfort level with injecting.

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