Akbar khazaei International bodybuilding Judge

Akbar Khazaei the only Iranian judge for the first time, managed to be among the world’s professional bodybuilding judges
Based on IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency) reports, Akbar Khazaei, who is one of our country’s international bodybuilding coaches and judges, has recently, for the first time in the bodybuilding history of Iran, become a professional judge of IFBB Pro (or NPC).

In an interview with IRNA’s reporter, he said “By having the relevant prerequisites and passing through difficult conditions in specialized tests and obtaining a passing score, I’ve reached this position.”

Akbar Khazaei also said “After that, I received my professional judge card from NPC, and within a short period of time, I have judged 3 professional competitions and have been invited for 3 other upcoming competitions.”

On the number of professional judges in Asia he said “The number of professional bodybuilding judges in Asia is few and insignificant in the world, because entering this field is very difficult, and I am happy that I was able to represent Iran in this field”

Source: (IRNA) Islamic Republic News Agency

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